Chinese Medicine at Douro | 3rd Wellness And Wellbeing Retreat

Medicina Chinesa no Douro

Chinese Medicine at Douro | 3rd Wellness And Wellbeing Retreat

3rd Wellness And Wellbeing Retreat.

Chinese Medicine at Douro – From 17th to 27 th August 2017 we were once again at the Wellness and wellbeing retreat with the best of Chinese Medicine for our guest in Six Senses Douro Valley.


Chinese Medicine at Douro

It’s the third time in less that one year and the guest were already spread the word worldwide.

Dr. Rui Pedro Loureiro invited by Six Senses Douro Valley, promoted a wellness retreat, inviting the guest to improve their health, using the millenaries techniques of the Chinese Medicine.

In a friendly, relax environment, with warm, nice and professional team, the guests can experiment several design programs to improving the overall health with us.

For sleep disorders, increase the vital energy, lower the anxiety and relief the stress or pain management are just some of the areas that in a simple way and with quick results we have to offer to our guests, to create a concept of a wellness vacations.

We also have the exclusive Quit Smoking method of Dr. Rui Pedro Loureiro that has been increasing the search for the guest in Portugal and Worldwide.

In one session, with 90% success rate results, quit smoking were never so simple or easy.

This method use the knowledge of Chinese Medicine to help to eliminate one problem that so many had tries and could not do it alone.

With this method we eliminate the withdraw syndrome, that is responsible for several failures attempt, deception and demotivation.


The Epigenetic Test

In this retreat we are offering a new diagnostic tool with proven results. The Epigenetic Test, that truth a hair sample we can understand the deficiency or the threshold of several Vitamins, Minerals, Fatty Acids, Amino Acids, Antioxidants, etc. and some food restrictions for the present conditions of the patient.

For more informations about the next retreats of wellness, please contact us by email: or by Mobile/WhatsApp: +351 916 718 070

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