"He who does not have time to take care of his health will have to find time to take care of the disease."

Lair Ribeiro




Combined with the knowledge of Chinese Medicine, using acupuncture points, the use of laser in acupuncture has been shown to be a new tool used in some clinical treatments.
Although it cannot and cannot fully replace needles in all pathologies, in the field of pain pathologies and in dermatology, it has shown fabulous results.
The acupuncture laser, although it penetrates the points, does not cut or burn. The aim is that by emitting laser light, it activates and tones specific points on the body, simulating the effect of acupuncture needles.

In the fields where it can be used, the result is excellent. It is much sought after by patients with needle phobia, including children, who otherwise would never have contact with the help of Chinese Medicine.