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Stress Awareness Day

Stress Awareness Day has been celebrated on the first Wednesday of November and this year is no exception. On the 3rd of November, it is intended to mark this day as a day to value the importance of physical and mental well-being. This date was first set in 1998 by the ISMA (International Stress Management Association) in the United Kingdom.

For this, various information and strategies to combat stress, anxiety and depression are shared by different entities that fight for this cause. We live at a time when depression and anxiety are increasingly common and WHO has even classified depression as the “21st century health epidemic”. We are talking about 400 thousand people, in Portugal alone and 300 million people in the world, according to DGS and WHO.

Mental disorders affect different types of people, of all ages and it is a topic that must be discussed and deepened by all of us. By talking about the subject, we are already contributing in some way.

Stress Awareness Day is an opportunity for each of us to reflect and try to identify pressures we have or small depressive signs that we can fight. Each person, even having different experiences and lifestyles, is subject to traumas causing these types of conditions that affect mental health.

This theme can be associated with both the individual's personal and professional life.

That's why it is such an important day for the entities that participate in it, because the professional environment in which each one belongs can be both positive and negative for our stability.

With regard to professional life, keeping workers healthy and motivated is also reflected in the company's success, being another factor of interest to the employer. It is extremely important and necessary that the organization's policy and the relationship between employees be healthy.


To maintain a healthy professional environment, there are several strategies, for example, we have:

Create a team for conflict management. This initiative allows not only to identify existing problems, but also seeks to resolve them so that they do not gain an unnecessary dimension, and thus, all employees are respected and listened to.

Collect feedback frequently/opinions of all employees and act accordingly.

Promote events outside the workplace, allows you to strengthen your team spirit and foster relationships in a relaxed and natural way. This is one of the most important as it greatly increases the level of worker satisfaction. When working among friends, business success is superior.

Have flexible hours, which allows the employee to feel freer and consequently manage themselves better so as not to compromise their work.

Promote healthy habits within the company, promote the training of workers, guaranteeing them a more promising future, among many other strategies.

In short, the professional environment is highly reflected in the personal life of each of its employees. Thus, by applying these strategies and others, we not only have advantages in terms of productivity, but also in terms of performance and quality of life for our employees.

From a personal perspective, apart from professional life, there are also several strategies to combat stress. We are responsible for our health, whether physical or mental, and we must do what we can to improve it daily, with simple and effective practices.

We all know the advantages of physical exercise having its importance and identifying itself as one of the strategies to combat stress.

Other examples are:

– Maintain a healthy diet;

– Rest well;

– Choose natural tranquilizers;

– Consult an expert;

– Dedicate time every day to fun, family and friends;

– Listen to relaxing music;

– Have good habits, a healthy lifestyle.

– Accept what we cannot change and abstract from it;

– Not being too demanding on ourselves;

– Write thoughts and goals;

– Keep in contact with nature;

– Break the routine with new activities;

– Make better time management and learn to better manage emotions, etc.

Basically, our mental health is worked on daily, with our daily activities, obligations and thoughts. The recipe is to know how to deal with these three factors in the best way, so that they don't cause us stress and then serious pathologies, such as depression, which will be more difficult to combat.

We must know what is good for us and nurture these habits so that we can live a balanced and serene life. This is daily work, which requires more effort for some than for others, but it is very rewarding.

Above all else, allows us to take control of our lives.
Don't delay, start today to change bad habits and live a better and healthier life.

We are here to assist you in this process, should you need our help. In that case, schedule your appointment at



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