There are numerous methods and treatments for losing weight, however few are really effective at maintaining weight. The Chinese medicine slimming method helps to lose weight in a consistent and healthy way, at a rate that is statistically around 4 kg / month for women and about 6 kg / month for men.

However, the method is even more complete as it takes into account the localized fat loss in the really affected areas.

Through an initial diagnosis, your current health condition and daily eating habits will be assessed. A nutritional protocol will be suggested, personalized and adapted to your reality.

Specialized medical care will help you achieve your goals.
For complete results, 2 treatments per week are recommended, during the period when you are losing weight.

Book your appointment and try it, recover quality of life.

Weight loss for many people is a necessity, for others it is just an aesthetic goal and for others it is simply a nightmare.

Whether for eminent health issues or just for prevention, losing weight doesn't have to be a 7-headed bug.

Arithmetic simplifies. To lose weight, you need to burn more calories than you eat or eat less calories daily,

The first part of the solution concerns an increase in physical activity and the second with diet. Although the ideal solution is a balance between the two, there are many people who, due to lack of time, desire or self-esteem, are unable to take any of the solutions forward.

"It is not so much what we eat, but how we combine what we eat" - says Dr. Rui Loureiro

With our weight loss method, you will learn a way to eat without compromising the results and, at the same time, be able to study on your plate the ideal combination for you, which will serve in the maintenance phase to be able to choose a menu that more adapts to you, your metabolism and your body.