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Dr. Rui Pedro Loureiro has a degree in Chinese Medicine by the University of Chinese Medicine - UMC - in Lisbon, having subsequently made his internship at Chengdu University of Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital in the People's Republic of China.

2003 - Postgraduate in Mental Illness at Middlesex University - London, becoming a specialist in the treatment of depression.

2006 –  Postgraduate in Gynecology and Obstetrics in Chinese Medicine at the European Foundation for Traditional Chinese Medicine, in the context of infertility.

2008 Postgraduate specialization in aesthetic acupuncture with CMIR - London and in partnership with Peking University.

2019 - Specialization at ICBAS - Instituto Biomedical Sciences Abel Salazar da University of Medicine of Porto.

He is known for his spirit of perseverance, professional ethics and responsibility in the performance of his work. A tireless scholar whose main focus is on the well-being of his patients. He is also considered a specialist in clinical diagnosis.

In 2005 opened the first Cura Pura clinic in the city of Aveiro. Decided to invest in a multidisciplinary integrative medicine project. He developed weight loss methods, treatment of localized fat and cellulite.

In 2010 he started his studies in Epigenetics, diversifying his offer in the area of diagnosis and treatment, as well as deepening his knowledge by our lifestyle and the way it influences our health.

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In the last 15 years, Cura Pura has established partnerships with other entities, being present in Fermelã, Aveiro, Barrô, Anadia, Santarém and Lisbon.

In 2016, Dr. Rui Pedro Loureiro was invited to create the Chinese medicine department in the St. Louis Hospital in Lisbon, where he decided to conduct his smoking cessation study and test the technique he had been developing since 2014. With the participation of 43 volunteers, he concluded that the your smoking cessation method Had one effectiveness rate of 87-90% with one session.

After the success of the study, he was invited by Six Senses to start a series of health and wellness retreats with a focus on smoking cessation, but also with the aim of taking guests to this renowned brand of resorts and spas, the best that Chinese medicine has to offer.

In 2017 and in partnership with Six Senses, started internationalization of the brand. Cura Pura was present at its resorts and spas in Qatar, Kuwait, Spain and Greece. Due to the success achieved with this project, he was invited to be responsible for the Wellness department of other resorts around the world.

Between 2016 and 2020 was Visiting Practitioner in Portugal, Spain, Ibiza, Greece, Qatar, Kuwait, India, Maldives, Thailand and Barbados.

With over 20 years of clinical practice it currently counts thousands of patients treated worldwide.

Dr. Rui Pedro Loureiro is a world renowned specialist in Chinese and Epigenetic Medicine, several times invited to seminars and lectures in Portugal, Spain, Italy, Czech Republic, Kuwait, Maldives, India and Thailand.

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