The evaluation epigenetics

In the last few decades, genetics has made incredible advances that allow us to evaluate practically all of our genes. From an early age it was realized that our lifestyle greatly influences our genes and in turn our health.

Epigenetics is the science that studies how our lifestyle activates or deactivates our genes making us more susceptible to contracting a certain disease.

Now, we have an epigenetic evaluation that allows us to combine the best of science with our technical knowledge about nutrition.

This assessment analyzes all epigenetic indicators associated with lifestyle, environmental influences, weight management and nutritional deficiencies.

How do we evaluation?

Hair is an incredible bio-marker that carries a lot of personal information, at an Epigenetic - Quantum level.

The hair sample is analyzed at our technology center in Hamburg (Germany), where the processing system maps the relevance of your epigenetic information.

The hair follicle contains enzymes, which play an important role in the neuro-endocrine regulation of our body and in the constitution of mineral elements, which constitute the state of bones, muscles, brain, liver and spinal cord.

More than 800 key indicators are analyzed and used to create the graphs and tables that make up the complete report with a 90-day meal plan.


Take a sample of 3
strands of the patient's hair.


We put this sample in the
S-Drive scanner, for scanning.


The data is sent to the Central,
in 15 minutes you receive the report

What includes my report?

The test evaluates our metabolism in a simple and effective way, using only a few strands of hair.

In 15 minutes we have a complete metabolic report with our epigenetic map.

Thus, we can act efficiently to preserve and improve our health.
The test reveals the 5 main factors within the 9 most needed in our body which can be: Vitamins, Minerals, Amino Acids, Antioxidants, Essential Fatty Acids, Exposure to Electromagnetic Radiation (EMF / ELF), Food Sensitivity, Microbiology and Intolerances.
Analysis performed through hair and non-invasive way.

Results known at the time.

Why perform epigenetic evaluation?

Because we don’t wear the same clothes every day, we shouldn’t eat the same thing every day. Daily, we make food choices based on what we have at our disposal depending on the seasons of the year in which we live.

Although in the global world we have access to fruits, vegetables and proteins that reach us from any part of the planet, our choices should be focused on the local and / or regional product taking into account the season of the year in which we live or in a preventive way to the season of the year that we walk.

Everything we eat leaves a register on our body and the hair can keep that register for up to six months. 

An Epigenetic evaluation, shows us the record of those last six months and we can verify if the food we chose was enough to supply us with some deficiencies, deficiencies in the field of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, amino acids, etc. 

With these results, we can correct our daily diet in a healthy, rational and balanced way with the possibility of making a personalized supplementation tailored to our needs.

How we got to your profile?

Based on the result, a specific diet plan is suggested in order to fill deficiencies, eliminating foods that may be aggravating the process and saturating our body.

Simple attitudes, which can be modified in our daily lives to improve our health and nutrition.

The test takes about 15 minutes.

The results are then explained by our specialist. This consultation will be scheduled for the same day or if there is no possibility of an agenda, for a date to be agreed. It can even be done by video conference.

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