Esthetics acupuncture

“A walk of 1000 leagues, start with a simple first step…”

Lao Tzu

Chinese proverb

This practice is fundamental to all patients who wish to improve something in the esthetics point of view. From wrinklesgroovesflacciditymammal enlargement or reductionlocalized muscle tonicitycelluliteacne and even micro venous bloodshed, can be improved without the use of the bistoury. So, it is a treatment of health and beauty, getting at the same time, in a natural way, recover or simply maintain oneself esteem in the daily battle we all would like to fight in the field of antiaging.

Resuming, we can do everything plastic chirurgic does, within the limits human nature imposes, in a natural way to our bodies, though also in a more slowly way, respecting the rhythm of nature and human body.

Esthetics acupuncture

  • Losing wheight
  • Localized fatness and cellulite
  • Wrinkles
  • Grooves
  • Electro bodybuilding

Esthetics acupuncture

[:pt]acupuntura estética

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