Fat at Lower Belly: Which is the meaning?

Fat at Lower Belly

Fat at Lower Belly: Which is the meaning?

The meaning of your fat at Lower Belly

Which is the meaning of your fat at Lower Belly?

Learn in this article which is the meaning of your fat at lower belly and what are modifications in your diet and in your daily routine. See also the supplements indicated in these situations of fatness at lower belly.

Fat at Lower Belly

It’s Likely…

  • You’re stress out
  • You have some degree of insulin resistance
  • Your adrenals(stress hormones) thyroid, sex hormones are imbalanced
  • You have imbalanced neurotransmitter function (craving brain chemicals active)
  • Your diet and exercise routine has seen better days
  • Your lack the nutrients that are vital to your metabolism
  • You have undiagnosed food allergies or sensitivities

Dietary Tips…

  • Eat only whole, fresh, real food
  • Include phytonutrient rich plant foods with every meal or snack
  • Increase healthy fats (avocado, nuts, seeds, fish, unrefined oils, coconut, etc.)
  • Omit all flours, all sweeteners, especially high fructose corn syrup (including artificial sweeteners), caffeine, alcohol, juice, sports drinks and all processed foods (no MSG, hydrogenated fats, additives, food dyes, flavorings, preservatives or chemicals)
  • Commit to a 10-day trial of eliminating gluten, dairy and peanuts

Lifestyle Tips

  • Exercise smarter, not harder
  • Try 20 minutes of interval training 3 x a week
  • Balance workouts with relaxing yoga or restorative exercise
  • Build muscle with weight bearing activities
  • Turn on your relaxation mode
  • Practice deep breathing techniques several times a day
  • Learn how to hit your pause button and make relaxation a non-negotiable part of your day

Suggested Suppleents

  • A comprehensive multivitamin
  • Vitamin D3
  • High quality fish oil
  • Insulin Sensitizing herbs and nutrients (hops, fenugreek, alpha lipoic acid, gymnema and momordica)
  • PGX fiber
  • For stress-related belly fat: adaptogenic herbs (ashwagandha, rhodiola, phosphatidylserine)

Learn in the next article which is the meaning of your fat at Hips! See how to change this problem.

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