Localized fat


What is cellulite?

Ginoid lipohydro-dystrophy (HLDG) popularly known as cellulite, is present in a large part of the female population. It is a change in the cutaneous relief, involving morphological, histochemical, biochemical and ultrastructural changes in adipocytes, in addition to changes in the dermis and microcirculation.

In short, it is a condition in which the skin has fat deposits, giving it a lumpy appearance, resulting from an irregular distribution under the skin's surface. It is also commonly known as "orange peel skin".

It is important not to confuse it with infectious cellulitis, which corresponds to a serious and potentially fatal bacterial infection of the skin, which translates to areas of redness, heat and pain in the affected skin and which tends to spread quickly.

Cellulite is classified in four degrees:

  • Grade 1: without symptoms and only detected in microscopic exams
  • Grade 2: the skin becomes paler and with less elasticity
  • Grade 3: visible roughness in the skin
  • Grade 4: skin with rough appearance, edema and visible cellulite nodules

Although it can affect both genders, cellulite is very common in women - around 80% has some degree of cellulite - partly because of its greater tendency to accumulate certain types of fat. Although it is not a serious disease, it can affect self-esteem and therefore, the quality of life of people affected by it.

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THE our Electrolipolysis method adipocyte aims reduce localized fat and / or cellulite, redefine natural curves that your body lost with being overweight.

This method is an integral part of our weight loss method.

Needles are placed at specific points on the body (Acupuncture Points) within the fat areas to be reduced, which, after being connected to a machine with a specific electrical frequency, will help to substantially reduce the fat and / or cellulite you want to eliminate.

It is considered the most effective method, after liposuction, to combat and eliminate localized fat and / or cellulite.

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