International Acupuncture Day

The International Acupuncture Day is celebrated on October 24th and was created to raise awareness about the benefits of acupuncture and oriental medicine as a whole. It was created by the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM), a non-profit organization that seeks to “establish, evaluate and promote recognized standards of competence and safety in acupuncture and oriental medicine for the protection and benefit of the public”.

Acupuncture has been around for approximately 5000 years and concerns a technique of stimulation of specific points of the body, through the insertion of needles at those same points. The objective is, through the insertion of needles, to obtain a physiological response from the patient. This technique is applied to the treatment of the body and mind, always seeking to re-establish the balance of the human body.

It can be beneficial in a very large number of pathologies and that has an explanation. This is due to the fact that our bodies work together, and thus, acupuncture focuses on generating a general balance and not partial in the patient, and can treat two problems at once.

Before the practical part of acupuncture, there is the presentation of the patient, that is, before an acupuncture session is done, the patient has to be evaluated in order to be correctly oriented about the treatment to be done.

This first step is called diagnosis and corresponds to the first consultation of a new patient. “Each person is a world and each treatment is a journey”.

There are several acupuncture techniques, so that it is possible to reach the ultimate goal, balance of body and mind, by different means according to the will or need of each patient. So, we have these 7 examples:

THE classic acupuncture, the best known among the population, which concerns only the insertion of needles in specific points of the body and is intended for numerous pathologies, such as asthma, diabetes, phobias, herpes, among many others.

THE electroacupuncture it is already performed by electrical impulse, which allows for longer duration stimuli, in which the intensity and frequency are regulated. This technique, in turn, is more dedicated to recovery after surgery, although it can be used as an adjunct to induced analgesia for surgery, as well as in aesthetic treatments (localized fat, cellulite, wrinkles, etc.) when treatment of chronic or acute pain.

THE acupressure it can be directly compared to classic acupuncture, however, needles are replaced by finger pressure on the same points. Being a technique with less intensity, it is intended for mild illnesses, babies and children.

THE moxibustion is a technique that uses an herb called Artemisia Vulgaris, through a stick, where the proximity of heat to specific points on the skin, regulates the flow of energy and enhances the therapeutic state. It is a painless and non-invasive technique, and patients describe it as being pleasant and relaxing.

THE cupping or wind therapy, is dedicated to applying negative pressure at specific points. The skin is sucked through suction cups that generate a vacuum effect that slightly separates the skin from the muscles, causing the known bruises. The main objective is to reduce muscle pain, improving local peripheral circulation and improving oxygenation in the area.

THE laser acupuncture it is similar to traditional acupuncture, but the needles are replaced by laser “needles” at the body points. It has excellent applications in the post-surgical scope, open ulcers, herpes zoster, dermatological problems, among others. The laser has 3 properties that we highlight: Analgesic, Anti-inflammatory and Regenerator.

Finally, we have the ear acupuncture, which, as the name implies, deals with stimulating points in the ear, which has about 110 points that reflect the full functioning of the organs and their stimulation, resulting in the energy balance of the body.

Apart from the different acupuncture techniques, we have the most important, the benefits of this method, which are immense.

this is our focus and goal as a team, providing the best for our patients and helping them to maximize their health and well-being. Thus, we are dedicated to 4 specific areas of activity: Acupuncture clinic, Aesthetics, Laser and finally the application of the technique to stop smoking, our Smoking Cessations.

In Clinical Acupuncture, the focus is on allergies, anxiety, depression, infertility and painful pathology. In the Aesthetics part, we have electromusculation, slimming, stretch marks, localized fat and wrinkles. Laser is aimed at dermatology, pediatrics and post-surgical recovery.

And finally, the Smoking Cessation, by the method of Dr. Rui Pedro Loureiro, which as mentioned above, is dedicated solely and exclusively to making our patients into ex-smokers, and consequently, in healthier and happier people.

Don't be afraid of new experiences and take the risk! You can clarify any doubts on our website or get in touch with us directly, and it will be with the greatest dedication that we will listen to you.

This is an important day for us and it could become one for you too.

With us, your health is in good hands.

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